Banff Western Connection Realtor Conference 2011

There are not many spots more beautiful than the Comox Valley, but Banff is definately one of them. Upon arriving in Banff I thought that this might be somewhere I could really live. Then the second day came and the weather dipped to a balmy -30 celsius(-22F) and I thought "Thank God I live in the Comox Valley." The fact that I can get a better steak at Avenue in Comox for $30 vs $50 helped to  further this belief. 
Attending the 2011 Banff conference gave me several new insights about how to more effectively market my listings and services, allowed me to network with realtors across Canada, and also gave me several new ideas on how to improve the real estate industry as a whole.
My previous website was pretty good, but with the increasing consumer reliance on social media I knew it was time to update it if I wanted to remain an industry leader. We've been a little slow to catch onto this in the Comox Valley, so I will be a pioneer in our area. If you see any bugs on my web site, please let me know, but I am sure I will have them all smoothed out shortly.
My new site now offers more advanced search options for buyers, more forms for customer feedback, free application downloads, a huge list of reports, a refferal list for other communities, and this blog. My hope is that this will allow me to provide better service to the public, and increase traffic to my listings.
The MLS software used by local Realtors has become outdated (unfortunately still much more advanced than what the general public gets to use) and I had the chance to sit with Brian from Terrasoft to talk about the replacement of this software. I won't go into too many details but this software would not only enable Realtors to offer better service to their clients, but save us a significant amount of time each day.
I also had the opportunity to talk with directors from around the country to see what is working for them to increase the efficiency of their board. From this I will be implementing a new tecnology to help increase communication among directors between board meetings.
One of the highlights of the conference was Benjamin Tal, an economicist who informed us about both the Canadian and American economies (never thought I would ever reffer to an economist as the highlight of any conference or seminar). He took us far beyond what is normally discussed in the local media and related it directly to the real estate market.
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