Comox Valley Real Estate Team

2012 was a great year for Samuel Ennis and Corey Zaal of RE/MAX Ocean Pacific Realty. The Comox Valley real estate market remained very flat throughout 2012 and yet both realtors saw their business grow through the year. In order to continue offering the same great level of service and strong sales results despite increasing demands on their time, the two decided to team up. This merger allowed a splitting of many of the day to day tasks such as print advertising, online advertising, web inquiries, office duties, and property showings for new clients.


Working in a team environment can have it's benefits, but their can also be some down sides if not handled correctly. The most frequent criticism of other real estate teams in the Comox Valley is that the client hired "Realtor X" and got "Realtor Y," or that most of the work is delegated to a rookie agent or assistant. That's why both real estate agents have commited to responding to their own clients 100% of the time and to doing all the follow up work themselves.  Simply put, if you hire Sam, you get Sam. If you hire Corey, you get Corey. The only exception to this rule is for last minute requests that simply can't be handled due to scheduling conlicts, and even then, only with the approval of their client. After all, the wishes of the client are always a prioity.

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