New Comox Valley Listings Needed

I just wanted to put it out there that I really need some new listings in the Comox Valley. This year I have sold all but one of my listings which means that I really need listings in order to attract new business.


This year I have managed to obtain a list to sale ratio of 88% , which translates into no listings for me, but a lot of happy clients.


Since 2010 I have managed to sell 75% of my listings while the average Comox Valley Realtor sells 45%. Likewise the two top producing realtors in my office have maintained 41-51% list to sale ratios.

I continually maintain the highest list to sale ratio in the Comox Valley because I work hard and focus on selling my existing listings rather than obtaining new ones. With fewer listings I can focus on every home personally rather than having to distribute my efforts over a large number of homes. I call this the Quality vs. Quantity approach.


Obviously with so few listings I am going to have to focus a little more on getting new listings (what I'm attempting to do now), so I would really appreciate it if my friends and past clients could help pass along my name to anyone they know that is thinking of selling their homes. 

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