Military Transfers To The Comox Valley


Military and RCMP transfers can be especially hectic. Fortunately, I understand the process and know how to make your move to the Comox Valley easier and what steps you can take to make your move as smooth as possible.


I'm registered with Brookfield Global Relocation Services and for nine years I've been helping military and RCMP families relocate to the Comox Valley as an approved service provider of the Integrated Relocation Program.

Step 1: Get started right away

You will receive plenty of information regarding all aspects of your transfer through your relocation advisor. It can seem overwhelming, but it’s important that you get the ball rolling right away. From doing paperwork to gathering moving boxes, keeping on top of things will make you feel more organized and in control.


Step 2: Choose the right Realtor

Having the right Comox Valley Realtor will make your military or RCMP transfer much easier. Most importantly, make sure you find a realtor that has relocation experience. It’s a busy time so you want to ensure your needs will be well looked after. 


You may want to interview a few real estate agents before settling on a final choice. Things to keep in mind while selecting your realtor:

  • Are they listening to your thoughts and concerns?
  • Do they respond in a timely manner?
  • Are they well versed in the process and knowledgeable about the community?
  • Are they someone who works well with your family?
Make sure your Comox Valley Realtor will be available during your house hunting trip and establish what days you have available to look so that your Realtor can block off as much time as possible for you. The earlier you inform your Realtor the better prepared they can be to help you.


Step 3: Choose the right Mortgage Broker

A mortgage broker can help you determine what price range you can afford and qualify for. They can also save you a lot of money vs. going directly to the bank. Getting fully approved before starting your search will remove one of the most stressful steps and save you a lot of time on your house hunting trip.

Step 4: Start educating yourself about the Comox Valley real estate market

Having chosen your Comox Valley Realtor, make sure they set you up on the Private Client System (PCS) as soon as possible. The PCS gives you the full information on all listings in the Comox Valley so that you can start to understand the market value of homes in the Comox Valley and what you can expect within your budget. 


Step 5: Do your homework about your new community

A little knowledge is a good thing, a lot is even better. Don’t wait until your house hunting trip to find out about your new community. By learning about all that your new location has to offer, you can feel less overwhelmed upon your arrival and focus on homes located close to the amenities that matter to you.


Step 6: Start looking

Being as prepared as possible it's time to start looking at homes. Your Realtor will be able to guide you though the rest of the process from selecting the best homes to righting a successful offer.

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